Screenshot Artists Video title Year Country
Child of the wind
video: The wind and Taar
Amir Azar 1. Child of the wind
2. The wind and Taar
video: Message from Iran Amirhossein Bayani and Peyman Shafieezadeh Message from Iran 2012 Iran
video: Lapet Anshul Sinha Lapet 2012 India
video: Memory Nr.2 Badr EL HAMMAMI Memory Nr.2
2012 France
video: Different space, different time
Bianco-Valente Different space, different time 2012 Italy
video: Threshold Blanka Giménez Threshold Spain
video: Momentum Boris Seewald Momentum 2013 Germany
video: Mazezam Catarina Miranda Mazezam 2012 Portugal
video: Stand-by for Broadcast Catrin Richards Stand-by for Broadcast 2013 UK
video: Tales from space Chiara Passa Tales from space 2011 Italy
video: Landlocked Christina Gangos Landlocked 2013 Ireland / Greece
video: Orange Cristina Pavesi Orange 2012 Italy
video: Up Looking Down
video: Blonda Blonda
Dana Ruttenberg / Oren Shkedy 1. Up Looking Down
2. Blonda Blonda
video: Dead zone Danae Papaioannou Dead zone 2013 France
video: 201.2 FM Dénes Ruzsa 201.2 FM 2012 Hungary
video: Heart Shaped Bruises Diego Ramirez Heart Shaped Bruises 2012 Australia
video: The Adventures of Dóra Benyó Dora Benyo The Adventures of Dóra Benyó 2012 Netherlands
video: white object explored
video: Tribute to Edward Munch
Evalajka Pervin 1. white object explored
2. Tribute to Edward Munch
video: What will I remenber
video: Twice upon a time
Evy Schubert 1. What will I remenber
2. Twice upon a time
video: Mela Ezra Wube Mela 2011 Ethiopia / USA
video: Obsession - Butterflie's saraband Fabien Hemard Obsession - Butterflie's saraband 2012 France
video: Meeting Point Federico Campanale Meeting Point 2011 Netherlands
video: Mues/Molts
video: The Boy and the Cowboy
Florent Schwartz 1. Mues/Molts
2. The Boy and the Cowboy
video: Haptic Francesco Federici Haptic 2012 Italy
video: insert number 7 Gal Naor insert number 7 2012 Germany
video: Double Bind Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman Double Bind 2010 France
video: autofocus Iliyana Kancheva autofocus 2013 Bulgaria
video: Standing Silence Ines von Bonhorst Standing Silence 2012 UK
video: The same experiment as you Ivan Divanto The same experiment as you 2012 Italy
video: Vox Populi Javier Morales Vox Populi 2012 Colombia
video: Déjà-vu Jean-Guillaume Bastien Déjà-vu 2012 Canada
video: Lagos Island
video: Hindsight - a horse's tale
Karimah Ashadu 1. Lagos Island
2. Hindsight - a horse's tale
video: A voice is a void is a voice Kate Tessa Lee A voice is a void is a voice 2011 Czech Republic
video: PlayMobil
video: Regurgitate
Khalil Charif 1. PlayMobil
2. Regurgitate
video: Personal defence Lucia Veronesi Personal defence 2011 Italy
video: Furtif Marie Paule Bilger Furtif 2011 France
video: Rejections Marie-France Giraudon & Emmanuel Avenel Rejections 2013 Canada
video: Lily Necklace Marijke Schurink Lily Necklace 2013 Netherlands
video: Calico Mauricio Sanhueza Calico 2012 Peru
video: A very large increase in the size…
video: Model Starship
Max Hattler 1. A very large increase in the size…
2. Model Starship
video: F.A.Q. Mia Nikolic F.A.Q. 2013 Serbia
video: Six Moments of Clarity Mikey Peterson Six Moments of Clarity 2011 USA
video: Destruction
video: Red Baloon
Morteza Basravi 1. Destruction
2. Red Baloon
video: Independence My Name Is Scot Independence 2011 Canada
video: Zwischen Realität und Traum / Between reality and dream Nana Rosenorn Holland Bastrup Zwischen Realität und Traum / Between reality and dream 2012 Germany
video: Breaking the grid
Natalia Satzinger Breaking the grid 2012 Austria
video: When I Grow Up
Neil Howe When I Grow Up 2010 Australia
video: Leave, Give, Take
video: Leave, Give, Take
video: Leave, Give, Take
Nia Pushkarova Leave, Give, Take 2012 Bulgaria
video: Fans Go Nikola Minchev Fans Go 2013 Bulgaria
video: Milky thoughts Nynke Deinema Milky thoughts 2011 Netherlands
video: Gravitational Collapse Paola Montoya Gravitational Collapse 2012 Spain
video: Linenality
Paris Legakis Linenality 2011 Germany
video: Robo Cats in Titan City Paul Wiersbinski Robo Cats in Titan City 2012 Germany
video: Play
video: Viewpoint
Péter Sárközi 1. Play
2. Viewpoint
video: Study of darkness
video: The Exercises
Rafał Żarski 1. Study of darkness
2. The Exercises
video: Identifying Europe Sarah Bijlsma Identifying Europe 2013 Netherlands
video: Se-Weep
video: Sign Under
SEO Jung Hee 1. Se-Weep
2. Sign Under
video: The Tuz Lake Sinasi Günes The Tuz Lake 2013 Turkey
video: Kiste N.N. (Box N.N.)
video: Dinge in der Kiste: Kreisel (Things in a Box: Spinning Top)
video: Dinge in der Kiste: VHS-Kassette (Things in a Box: VHS-Cassettes)
Swen Erik Scheuerling 1. Kiste N.N. (Box N.N.)
2. Dinge in der Kiste: Kreisel (Things in a Box: Spinning Top)
3. Dinge in der Kiste: VHS-Kassette (Things in a Box: VHS-Cassettes)
video: A reference with no referent Sydney Southam A reference with no referent 2012 Canada
video: Self Defense
Teahm Beahm Self Defense 2012 USA
video: 42ND Thibault Jehanne 42ND 2012 France
video: Schizophrenia 2 /a> Thierry Ferreira Schizophrenia 2 2012 Portugal
video: The way you bow makes me smile Thomas Nondh Jansen The way you bow makes me smile 2013 Netherlands
video: Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Tilmann Meyer-Faje Auferstanden aus Ruinen 2011 Holland
video: Emergencia
Yuri Pirondi / Ines von Bonhorst Emergencia 2012 UK

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